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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now at 5:30, here is comes, our first winter storm of the season is bearing down on us and it could make a pretty big mess. >> this is the same storm system that spawn off deadly tornadoes in texas, hundreds of people are gist beginning to pick up the pieces there. >> in other parts of the south high wind and heavy snow made for whiteout conditions, there so so much snow of new mexico they have declared a state of emergency. we are not talk being a major winter event. >> shouldn't be too bad, combination of snow, sleet and rain is going to make a mess of tomorrow morning's commute. eric, here comes winter. kind of a warmup events for us, colder event that will get us ready for bigger storms down the road. winter weather advisory out for much of the area, winter storm warnings farther to the north, city areas have been
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good storm there, tons of snow and ice across the upper midwest, flooding rain, tornadoes, the whole works on the southern end of this storm, we are watching here for a mixed bag type of event it is going to go to snow, ice, even over to rain. this issue no issue through midnight tonight. tomorrow morning, that is the highest impact, we'll have snow and ice in the area, even though it's a vacation week and snows are out of session, not everyone is going to have the day a you work. tomorrow evening, icy spots lingering causing travel issues. hour by hour, air at the surface is very dry so a lot of that even if it's on the radar is not hitting the ground, most moves between 1:00 a.m.-p a.m. tomorrow morning already the her bert color is mixing in the sleet, you are going to hear a lot of that pinging ice coming off the cars, the sides of the
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snow longer across southern new hampshire, into interior parts of essex county, if you are watching from southeastern massachusetts, the south shore, cape, island, south coast a little wintery precipitation light rain, low impact ' vents for you there. deeper into the morning, only place that will hold on to the freezing rain across the interior, northern worcester county, new hampshire, icy throughout much of the day, spotty and freezing drizzle tomorrow evening, snow totals are not huge, snow and sleet comes down, exacts it on to the ground. >> so not a great snow blower type of storm, it will be chunky out there. a couple inches in boston, then more substantial totals 4-88 as you work into northern central parts of new hampshire. high temps tomorrow reaching 40 in boston, 40s across the southeastern of the state, cold locked in here, certainly travel will be impacted all day in the interior, talking about the storms, different aspects
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bit. we are going to have team coverage including eric staying up all night, he is going to join pamela gardner and danielle niles, how it is affecting the roads starting at 4:30 a.m. all new england tonight, a dead -- all new tonight. a deadly hit and rung, police still have not made an arrest, let's go to bill shields with investigation. >> reporter: this is route 60 i am standing on, everyone knows how busy route 60 is, even on a sunday night, a woman is in the crosswalk, she was hit by a car and she lives right here, she was hit by a car and the driver took off. >> she was a sweet sweet sweet lady, and i had the pleasure of knowing her and her husband, her husband passed away about three years ago. >> 71-year-old chin had lived
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building for years and made a lot of friends. but sunday night, right in front of the building on route 60 she was hit by a car and killed. the driver took off. >> she was wonderful, very quiet, very nice, nice lady. >> vieira lived next to ms. chin for years, despite a language barrier there was no barrier to their friendship. >> oh, i was shocked. like i didn't believe it. it happened right outside, too. >> route 60 has always been a busy street, some say it's become down right horrifying for pedestrians. >> they have to step on the gas pedal to make that light, that is the problem here. >> problem all over. >> yeah. residents of the apartment say the town recently took out a speed bump but put up a crosswalk light. still they say it made things worse. >> they do go down the street quite fast and i've tried to
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and have had problems with people not stopping. >> reporter: police found the car several hours later after they interviewed the driver, but the owner of the car today arrests. reporting live, bill shields. >> bill, thank you. chipotle is giving us a closer look at exactly what they are doing to try to make sure no one else gets sick, the restaurant says cheese will be sledded when it arrives, onions will be lacerated with on nonor lime juice, 60 samples of every 2000 pounds of steak will be tested. under fire after being responsible for e. coli and norovirus outbreaks. also developing right now, iraqi military forces have reclaimed a strategic government complex in ramadi
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still remain under the terror group's control, the iraqi city. a cleveland grand jury has police officers for their roles in the shooting death of a 12- year-old boy. cleveland. >> an ohio grand jury decided not to return an indictment in of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> based on the evidence they heard and the law as it applies to police use of deadly force, the grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against police officers. >> the officers who responded say they were fearful when they arrived at a recreation center outside of cleveland, a witness called 91 reporting a guy with a pistol and add the weapon was probably fake, but that point was never passed along to the officers. >> the death of tamir rice was aunt absolute tragedy, horrible, unfortunate and
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that binds us of crime. >> surveillance video taken the day of the shooting shows a patrol car pull up near where tamir is standing. within seconds officer low -- loehman ill broughting how similar they appear. >> a short time ago we in formed tamir's mother of the decision, it was a cough conversation. >> in a statement, tamir's family says they are "saddened and disappointed by this outcome but not surprised" the family is call go be the justice department to conduct a real investigation. cbs news new york one of the -- peyton manning is fired up refuting of a report accusing him of doping. claiming manning's wife received human growth hormones on his behalf from antiaging clinic. >> there are no shortcuts in the nfl, i have done it the
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hard way, it is a complete and total joke, it's defamation and particulars me off. >> he made up the claims to test the knowledge of the investigative reporter looking into the issue. tom brady seemed to stand behind manning this morning. >> peyton is a i would consider him a good friend and you hate to see your good friends go through anything like that. but, he's, you know, he's been a great player for this league, for his teams, for his organizations. you know, he has been one of game. nobody has more respect for peyton that are are than i do. >> is he considering taking legal action. new hampshire primary sixes weeks away, in a couple hour the donald trump will be in nashua for a campaign rally. trump is reportedly about to do something he has avoided so far
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fox news is reporting that trump is about to launch an ad blitz which will lay out his stances on the bake issues. trump isn't alone, john kasich is here the next two days, he believes he will be the story of the primary with a surprising finish. and tomorrow jeb bush campaigns in new hampshire, too, he will host a town meeting in peterborough tomorrow night. no mark zuckerberg is not going to give you his money. >> the facebook hoax p. and what this grandma is seeing that has her leaking
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tonight on wbz we begin with a public service announce. >> it's disi can't pointing,
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to give you millions of dollars, a facebook post claimed that the facebook founder has pledged to give 1000 facebook users had 4.5 million if they only copy and paste that message. >> we promise you it is a total hoax. >> i have and i get why people do it, you done want the person to not post it. >> i wouldn't believe that one. >> well from the battle field to being stuck on mars, matt day monday has played a lot of characters in need of rescuing. >> one fan total the how much it would cost to save the actor to save him from his predicaments, including $200 billion mission to mars in the passion, hundred thousand dollars in saving private ryan it came to $900 billion, almost a trillion dollars to save matt damon, i don't like the cars,
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>> does that kill you? >> it hurts. >> i'm more interested in matt damon. virtual reality turns into hill layerityity for one grand mother. -- mother. >> that is the awesome reaction of an 98-year-old woman taking a virtual roller coaster ride on christmas day. she was using google's new virtual reality device, the youtube video viewed .7950000 time, she didn't take it out of the box, it was still in the box, she is that excited to pop them on. >> can you imagine that coaster. >> we have to get her more virtual reality games. breaking records, the "star wars" "the force awakens" may not be done yet. what is done is our warm temperatures after 70-degree
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tonight, check in with greg at pittsburgh, 25 degrees, i like the observation, snow board is out, how much to expect, take a look at the forecast coming up
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live look tonight at the city of boston where we are bracing for ours first winter storm of the season, things goring to look different when we wake up tomorrow morning, here comes the white. >> it really couldn't last forever, this is about time, and you know i think it will be nice to see a little built of snow. >> yeah. >> a little bit. >> i think so, a lot of people don't have to work tomorrow, many of us do. >> here. >> it is going to cause issues across the area. we are dipping our toes into the winter season. looking at a wintery mess,
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else, it will change over to ice and rainfall, main impact starting at 29:00 a.m., travel troubles focused on the morning drive, add we head toward the evening, most areas will be in a better spot, cold i remember air will linger longer, accumulations really storm system causing big snow numbers, percent leash considering snow and sleet, freezing rain, exacting everything down on the gosh as the day goes on, classic winter storm, arctic high moving over eastern canada, meanwhile this storm is going to push in warmer air up over the top of that cold, that is the problem for snow lovers here when you have the warmer air above our heads, you don't get the snowflakes a chance to grow. so taking a look at current temperatures, 20-30, 30 is as cold as it's been the entire month in the city of boston, likely see the upper 20s this evening.
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snow move in, none of it is reaching the ground. looking at hour by hour forecast clouding up and then the snow moving in between 1- 3:00 a.m. for mostly cases, crews heading out. as we head toward tomorrow important especially early commuters a mix of sleet, which is the her bert color here, snow fall retreating off towards the north, so we'll see the mix line toward new hampshire by 7:00 a.m. as we head into the peak commuting time, cold an ice he a -- icy. temperatures will be warming, winner mix to rainfall. looking at 9:30, now we are focusing here north and west of boston. northern end of metro west, northern worcester county, mouth earn new hampshire, staying cloudy, even as everyone else hagues to rain we'll hold on to freezing rain,
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of boston so no weather issues for those locations, location dependent, snow totals couple inches for the boston area, 2-4 along the route 2 corridor, in the bigger totals into central new hampshire, concord north, it's about that mix, and the freezing rain could be an issue, especially toward the berkshires and central massachusetts with a .10-.30- inch of freezing rain, power outages because of that. something will have to monitor much quick sleet to rain, brief snow and ice to rainfall boston and north shore, the tauton area. it's snow to ice and a little bit of rain late across the interior, farther north and west it's all snow and ice storm. not dealing with strong winds here, at least not damaging winds and no coastal flooding, all about what is flooding from the sty. we get a little bit of a
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up wednesday night into thursday morning, it doesn't look like it is going to add up to too much which is good news for new year's eve, it looks chilly but not too tough to take, temperatures in the low 30s, as we head toward new year's day staying in the 30s, chilly out there on friday, no weather issues and great news for the winter classic, they got the ice out there at gillette. here is a full look at accuweather seven day forecast, couple days in the 40s to come on wednesday and thursday, the cold moves in, this weekend looks cold, in fact mid-30s on saturday, low 30s on sunday, we might stay in the 20s on monday. so ski areas do like that. maybe some of us not so excited about the cold, but at least make some more snow. >> not too bad for new year's eve. it is going to be quiet, not too warm or cold. >> thanks so much, eric.
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smashes another record, fastest movie to take in only going to get bigger. >> the movie still has not prosecute mered in one of the biggest movie markets on planet, china. the stars and producer attend ited the chinese premier in shanghai, they said they hoped the movie would do well but they are stunned by its incredible success. >> i feel unbelievable. i mean, it's been hard to accept be all happening very fast. >> when we were work on this story we wanted to tell one that was full of action an adventure, great characters. >> the movie premiers flee in china january 9th. well up next, the star of new year's eve is almost ready to have a ball. coming up new at 6:00, keeping the mvpa running, looking at the team's new plan. and keeping hackers away from your money, how the new
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coming to your mailbox will
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as the world gets ready for the biggest party of the year, new year's eve icon. >> workers finished installing the waterford crystal pieces on the ball that will drop in times square are square, this one has 26989 panels of waterford crystal.
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we have much more still ahead the news at 6:00 starts right now. now at 6:00, the first storm of the season. >> and that first storm of the season is going to an mixed bag, snow, sleet and freezing rain we have the time line. it is the nmbta ready. >> breaking news, a threat against boston, why the fbi doesn't believe it's serious. and the hundreds of local bank accounts hacked. >> how much did you lose. account. technology coming to your wallet that will keep your money safe. welcome to winter after weeks of surprising warm, we are about to get our first storm of the season, you won't and days. >> the storm is going to give us a mix of snow, sleet and
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the roads tricky, team coverage begins with chief meteorologist eric fisher. >> we are taking a look at the storm starting to move in from the west, winter weather advisory across all of the area, winter storm warnings farther to the north, as so winter is coming now winter has arrived. we have a big sprawling storm system, lots of snow and ice, now you notice the eastern arm of all this, reaching into it is going to take awhile with dry, arctic air that we felt today, our coldest day arriving here at the end of the month. hour by hour as we head toward midnight, flurries may start to break out as that snow starts to hit the surface, most of this starts to pick up between 1:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. as you see the snow, as we head tomorrow morning, a rapid change over to sleet, and that is that orange color here, start to go work its way in from south to north, the reason
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really cold at the ground, it's
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